On Thrifting

I’m no stranger to visiting the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. I use to go to them with my dad when he was in search of books. He use to tote me to numerous secondhand bookstores as a kid too.

Now as an adult, I rummage through the whole store instead of just the book stacks. I find that the best way to find a treasure is to wander the aisles aimlessly a few times, without searching for something in particular. It seems this approach has given me the best luck!

It’s not to say I don’t go in without a purpose, I usually do. For instance, when I walked in hoping to find a blue blazer for my Halloween costume, bam! Found it on the first rack I looked:

But it’s the time spent in the store afterwards, mindlessly walking up and down and taking everything in that I come upon amazing things! For example, my greatest find to date is a Kitchenaid mixer ice cream bowl:

This little dandy was sitting on the kitchen appliance shelf with a $4 sticker slapped on it. I looked around for its accompanying attachments and didn’t see anything. I then checked online on my phone to see if the missing pieces could be ordered. Not only were they available, they were only $8! This product retails for $80! Talk about bargain right? So for only $12, my friend Lucy became the new owner of the much coveted KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment.

Some of my other favorite finds include fun seaside themed party wares for a $1 a pop:

And just this weekend, I came home with this lamp for a mere $8:

Probably will jazz up the shade somehow.

So yeah, I like to pop tags with only $20 in my pocket. What about you? Do you ever frequent thrift shops?


2 thoughts on “On Thrifting

  1. Hemborgwife

    My mother is a thrift shop maven, she is always finding tons of name brand deals! Actually just last night on his way home my husband stopped in one and surprised me with a tea pot he found for $5!


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