What I’m Loving Wednesday

Borrowing a page from one of my fav bloggers Christina (hi!!), I’ve decided to write up a What I’m Loving post for ya.

For my nails, I’m currently loving Essie Lilacism. So perfect for Easter and spring right?


Other new drugstore favs include the Maybelline Baby Lips in peppermint (which I’m pretty sure Christina may have mentioned and I tend to buy whatever she recommends because she’s on point. Take for instance, pretzel m&ms. She posted about them, I subsequently ran to CVS to find them and…it was love at first bite! I’m telling ya, that lady knows what’s up.

photo 3

As far as my coffee mug’s concerned, I’ve loved filling it with Gevalia coffee. You know, the commercial with the Johan character causing a stir at a book club? Well, my friend at work told me it was the best coffee she’s ever had and I was like…”yeah, okay” but I figured I’d give it a shot. And now it’s my go-to brand. Also, I like that the bag sports such fun mugs. ::shrugs:: Judge me if you must.

And finally, I’ve recently rekindled my love affair with running on a regular basis. After a long, long hiatus, I realized we need each other. Or rather, I need it. I’m on my third week of running 3 times a week using the Jeff Galloway method  per another fav blogger‘s suggestion (Hi Kelly!). When I don’t work out consistently, I constantly feel on edge and on the verge of a nervous breakdown (true story). But now, I’m feeling goooood.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. christina

    Omg so much love in this post!! You’re so sweet. I’m glad you like what I recommend. I’ll keep pumping out my faves and you must keep letting me know what you think! I wonder if Gevalia makes K-Cups. If they do, I’m going to listen to you and get some! 🙂

  2. Maria

    I follow you on Daily Mile and am SUPER impressed by the running accomplishments. I always ask myself why I stop working out when it feels so good when I DO workout. Weird. Just lazy I guess.

    Love the Xtina love. And your nails. It’s why we should be neighbors, I can’t paint my own nails. Oh and you could bake for me too. Oh man, you’d be the best neighbor ever.


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