Whats the Haps

Hello sports fans! Thanks for tuning in. Let’s recap what I’ve been up to:

My gal pal Jess came up to visit me and we ran the Glo Run 5k together!

It’s like the Color Run except at night complete with glow sticks, neon yellow and pink shirts, and a bumping party complete with cool dj at the end:

This past weekend, I ran another 5k with my peeps and warmed up with  a little pre-race zumba:  IMG_3494

At my second 5k, I was a little disappointed missing last year’s time by 2 minutes but I can’t be upset at averaging 8:52min miles according to MapMyRun.

After this Saturday’s 5k, my friends and I met for a Food Network dinner club night, where we conquered Pat and Gina Neely recipes and made their lobster mac and cheese, strawberry pie, fried green beans, tomato soup, raspberry limeade, and  bbq pork paninis. Omg, SO GOOD! All the recipes are highly recommended!

So yeah, food and running. that’s what I’ve been up to!


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