I Done Did It Now

I did it. I’ve jumped off the deep end, drank the koolaid, lost my marbles, gone mad….

I’ve officially signed up for the Baltimore Marathon in October.

from abcnews

Yep. That’s actually happening! When I mentioned a few weeks ago that I started running again…it’s because I’ve been following a six month workout routine with the ultimate goal of finishing a marathon this October.

This all started back in January when i found myself bored so I toyed with the idea of running a marathon NEXT January and running it somewhere warm like Miami. A few weeks passed and I thought…well, why wait till January? Why not this year? Why not run a local race? And before I knew it, I set my sights on Baltimore!

So I researched online and found a few training programs and created a very colorful (and impressive!) spreadsheet to check off my workouts and I kicked off my training in March. I have the spreadsheet on my Google Drive so I can access anywhere and I’ve plugged in my long run miles into every Saturday on my phone’s calendar from now until October so no matter where I find myself on a Saturday morning, I always know how long my weekend run is suppose to be. Fail to plan and you plan to fail, right? At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I didn’t actually sign up till this weekend because I wanted to give myself time to actually get back into the swing of things and see if it was really something I could/wanted to do (read: time to back out, haha) before officially committing.  NEVER did I think when I took on the c25k program 2 years ago that I would be so comfortable as a runner capable/willing to endure an event like a marathon. Crazy, huh?

But I gotta thank you online community for providing me with so much encourage and support! You are the best sports fans ever!


5 thoughts on “I Done Did It Now

  1. Maria

    Ha. I started cracking up at the title.

    You.so.crazy. But such a huge inspiration! I find that keeping a Google Doc of my workouts is crucial to staying with them and with my bootcamp, I actually have my document shared with someone (uhh, a trainer) so I pretend that she looks at it everyday and I’ll look lame if I don’t do my workouts.

    Eeep! So excited for you!

  2. Jessica

    I might have to come root for you!! No, won’t run it… but will be there for support. 😉
    So so so crazy proud of you my friend!! ❤

  3. kjpugs

    I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! I am already itching to start running again, I actually dreamed about it last night haha! So I guess we’re BOTH looking forward to October now!


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