Vacay in Vegas

AKA the time I ate my way through Vegas


A few weeks ago I went to Vegas with my gal pal Lucy, her husband, and their son William.


Every morning, Lucy, William, and I made our way to a different breakfast buffet on the strip and ate ourselves stupid. After all, isn’t breakfast is the most important meal of the day? We visited the buffets at the Mirage, Paris, and the Wynn. Our favorite buffet ended up being the one at Paris where Lucy enjoyed a delicious banana and nutella crepe while I gorged on all the other fixings like bacon, croissants, eggs, hashbrowns, etc.


Of course, in true fatty foodie fashion, we also had incredibly impressive dinners too! One night we all went to this Japanese/Peruvian/Brazilian fusion restaurant called Sushi Samba where they can make a menu for you based on how much you want to spend per person and your likes and dislikes. We had yummy sushi, kobe beef tacos (so flavorful!), Chilean sea bass kabobs (that melted in your mouth!), mouth watering chorizo and steak, and for dessert, a banana split with a twist with fried plantain, coconut popcorn bits and dulce de leche ice cream. You guys. Seriously. So good! IMG_3615

We also visited two of Mario Batali’s restaurants where we feasted on some of the most incredible Italian food ever! At Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, I inhaled a goat cheese and pancetta pizza while Lucy had a linguini made with saffron, mussels, and a lemony zing:


Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of our meal at B&B Ristorante but holy beejez guys, sooo uh-mazing. For starters, Lucy had a rabbit confit dish that we jokingly referred to as a rabbit quesadilla because truthfully, that’s what it looked like! Meanwhile, I had the crispiest, lightest, most delectable calamari I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. For the main course, Lucy had another delightful pasta and seafood dish while I had spaghetti with pork jowl? (tastes like pancetta) in a red sauce. For dessert, I had a creme brulee-like dish made with housemade marscapone and Lucy had a strawberry crespelle (crepe-like) made with housemade ricotta.

Phew, my pants feel tight just reminiscing! I had the best time! Can’t wait to go back!


3 thoughts on “Vacay in Vegas

  1. Maria

    Oohhh. This is the post I’ve been waiting patiently for. The last few times I was in Vegas, I was a student and on a budget, so I was stuck with all the cheap and not to memorable eats. I believe its time to go back to Vegas and feast on pizza and tacos.

    Oh, that little boy is just darling.


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