First Year Reflections

It’s been a whole year since the day I got married. Feels like it was decades ago.

I found that the cliché insisting that the first year of marriage was the hardest, absolutely true. You are vulnerable in a whole new way and it’s tough to deal with that.

It is my impression that good relationships are based on compromises which we were pretty good at before the wedding. But after we said “I do,” we spent a lot of time learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now before I give you the wrong impression, nothing incredibly tragic happened. We didn’t have some terrible blow dealt to us. We are quite blessed and I am incredibly thankful for that. It’s just that this year was just an emotional evolution for the both of us. What I’m trying to say is, we had some growing pains to weather through even after being together for nine years, which was both surprising and truly humbling.

But, I can safely say we’ve survived the storm and are honestly all the better for it. I don’t think we’ve ever been more in love than we are right now. This would be an appropriate time to eye roll and sigh. Really, it’s okay, I gagged a little too. (bleck).

Now I open up the floor for all you married folks, what was that first year like for you? You can comment below or feel free to email me at

4 thoughts on “First Year Reflections

  1. Jessica

    I’m so glad to have been there for your wedding!! You were a beautiful bride. 🙂
    The first year of our marriage was tough because we had never lived with each other before and let’s be honest, living with a boy is HARD and only having one bathroom makes it even HARDER. 😉

  2. Maria

    Happy Anniversary Friend!

    Wise words here and I appreciate your raw look into the first year of marriage. I agree – it’s definitely a year of learning and compromise. We have been together for so darn long (and lived together prior to marriage) that I will admit that we didn’t have a honeymoon phase. Near the end of our first year, we faced some pretty big decisions and I finally learned what it meant to be married for better or for worse. When I decided to quit my job and we were forced to put our house hunt on hold, I expected the husband to feel disappointed in me (as I was in myself), but it was quite the opposite. I learned that we were in this thing (life) together. Yup, gag.

  3. Hemborgwife

    In our first year of marriage we moved from the states to Sweden and I think that is the best thing we could have done because in that fragile time we had to rely on each other so much it created a very stable foundation.

  4. kjpugs

    Our first year was great until B decided to go back to school about 8 months in. It’s true that it was hard… I had to figure out how to support him and how we could make this work. I couldn’t NOT encourage him to follow his dreams! Every year comes with it’s own challenges! Congrats on one year!!!


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