Midweek Date

Yesterday, Ale and I went to see a one night only presentation of a running documentary called Spirit of the Marathon II. It was nice to spend some fun time together and break up the monotony of the usual work week.

The documentary followed 7 people from all walks and cultures of life as they prepare to run the 18th Rome Marathon. It was cool because some of the featured runners were Italian so Ale felt a little connection to the film too. In fact, two of the Italian runners were 62 and 72 year old cousins! And the 72 year old was the faster of the two! Uh-mazing! I want to be the 72 year old when I grow up! I mean seriously! Why not right?

I definitely cried a bunch because it’s so incredible how much running means to people. Life’s hard sometimes and so is running. It’s such a solace for the downtrodden, the lost, the frustrated. And yet, we all pick up some sneakers and find the same comfort and strength. The movie also taught me how much the female runners of 60s and 70s had to deal with and overcome in order for someone like me to be able to participate in my favorite aspect of the sports, races! Thank you trailblazers! You’re awesome!

The original documentary by the same name, Spirit of the Marathon, is floating around the internet should you ever want to see it. That movie focuses on different Americans in different stages of their running journey preparing for the Chicago Marathon. I liked that one too. It’s definitely one of those things you watch when you want to be moved and inspired.



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