Catching Up

Hey there friends! Seems like my blogging breaks last longer and longer. Whoops!

So first things first, with a heavy heart, I recently decided not to run the marathon this October and have dropped down to the half marathon.

I’ve been having way too much fun this summer and haven’t dedicated the  time and effort required of a proper marathon schedule. I have yet to do a long run over 8 miles and very unlike a 10k, I can’t just roll up to a marathon. I need to have gotten some solid mileage week after week to do a good job or run a race time I would like. Right now, I know I’m looking at a 5:30+ finish and that’s just not cool with me. The reason I run is to feel good about myself and lately, I’ve felt so guilty and bad when I don’t squeeze in the time to pound out some miles on the treadmill.

Instead of running,  I’ve: been to Alabama, traveled to the beach, cohosted a fantastic baby shower, drank beers at my first Nationals baseball game, gone to the movies,  met yet another blog friend in person! (Hi Maria!), most importantly, spent lots of time laughing till I cried with some great people.  I’ll definitely run a marathon one day, just not in sixty-four days!

beach run

P.S. I’m sad to see summer slowly slipping away from me! I’m usually the one counting down the days till it’s pumpkin flavored time but not this year! I’m holding on tight to the sunlight!


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Jessica

    I can’t believe the summer’s almost over. Le sigh!
    You will rock that half marathon – and when you do that full marathon, you’ll kick it’s ass too!!
    Love you – see ya tonight! WOO!

  2. Maria

    So great meeting you! I hope we can arrange something again in December and of course, if you ever make it out to the Bay Area, you are more than welcome to crash with us!

    You know. In regards to running, when it becomes a hassle over a pleasure, it’s time to cut back, change courses, or take a break. I think you definitely made the right decision for you and one of these days you are going to cross that finish line 🙂 Also, summer fun > running any day.


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