How Did I Get Here

Hello sports fans! I reckon you had a good Labor Day weekend? I didn’t do much which was fine by me! I feel that this past summer was my busiest yet and I will need the whole month of September to recover from it. (wipes brow)

I’m six weeks away from my second half marathon and only just laced up my sneakers last night for the first time in a month. Man, was that a rough run that led to an even rougher morning. Today, I’m achy in all sorts of places. All day long, I’ve thought of that tune by Garth Brooks,  Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old.) I mean seriously? Who turned on the old?

I’m especially feeling elderly because my dear little sister is an adult. She turned 21 this week. How did that happen? When did she become a grown-up? I vividly remember the ridiculous shenanigans I use to get into at her age but now she’s that age which means I’m like an uber adult. When did THAT happen? I’ve NEVER felt my age until Mel (my sis) started mentioning bands I don’t know, slang I’ve never heard of, etc. While I’m super stoked for all the adventures in store for Mel as she embarks on this new chapter of her life, I’m currently crumbled into a heap on the couch, crying at the loss of my youth…and from being crumbled into a heap on a couch. I’m too old for that too.

Someone pass me my cane. And while you’re up, could you call me a wah-mbulance and pass me some ibuprofen. Thanks!

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