Best Week Ever

Why would I boldy proclaim last week as my best week ever? Well I’ll tell ya!

Part 1: Because I’ve been holding my breathe while waiting to buy our forever home and now we’re finally done with the slightly stressful process.

Long story short, we had a little snag in the plan, but after three months, we finally signed our name on the line and can call this place ours:

photo 1

Hopefully if I can get my blogging act together, I can take you on the journey of transforming the space into our home along with me. Here’s hoping!

Part 2: And if that wasn’t enough excitement, I completed my second half marathon on Saturday!

photo 2

When I toed the starting line, my last long run had been 8 miles in July! I can now add “half marathon” to the list of races I’ve shown up for. I was able to solidly run the first 3 miles and then I alternated between walking and running. I finished in 3:10:31. It was the first race I wasn’t pressed to make a certain time. I’m thinking I should adopt this stress-free mentality to all my races. It makes for a much more pleasant experience! Of course, it also helped to know that  a really cute crab medal was waiting for me at the end of the 13.1 miles.

And now with those two things completed, bring on the fall! Bring on pie baking, pumpkin bar consumption, fall candle burning, etc!






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