Diary of Noob Homeowner

Day 5 Night 1: We Meet the Neighbors

After finally bringing over the cats, we settled into our new digs and decided to go to the grocery store down the street to buy some basic necessities. After spending way too much on way too little, we came back and put things away. As I check the fridge for a salad I bought from the deli, I notice it’s missing along with the mustard and a few other groceries.

I ask Ale, “Did you bring in all the groceries?” to which he responded, “Yep.” I told him there were a few things missing so we went to to check the backseat of the car. As I follow him into the garage, I close the door behind me because he kept harping that point to me earlier so the cats wouldn’t get out.

As soon as he heard the door click close, he turns around and says, “Please tell me you didn’t just close the door.”

I tell him, “Yeah? You kept telling me to!” to which he responds with “Well, you just locked us out.”

Our front door is locked, our backdoor is locked, and none of our windows are open. We locked ourselves out of our new house on our first night like total boneheads.

Our seller, Suz, mentioned how great her neighbors were when we were closing on the house. She has known C&E for over 30 years. She was neighbors with them in their previous neighborhood, and when they moved to the new place, her family did too. With that information in mind, we walked across the lawn, knocked on their door and introduced ourselves at 8:30p on a random Tuesday night:

“Hi, We’re the Ferruchs! We just moved in next door into Suz’s old house. This is our first night here…and we just locked ourselves out. You wouldn’t happen to have a spare key to our house?”

Unfortunately C&E did not have a key, having given it back to Suz BUT they had Suz’s number and they called her. Luckily, Suz only moved 8 minutes away and she DID have a spare key. Also lucky for us, our new neighbors are as adorable as all get out. They have kids a little older than us and moved into the neighborhood right around our age so seeing us “young pups” was like a total flashback for them.

The first encounter with the neighbors served two purposes that night: not only did we make quite the first impression, we also got a history of the neighborhood. C&E’s house was the first one built, ours being the second. They told us about the “original settlers” still living in the neighborhood and about a few of the new folks like us that had moved in recently. They were so warm and friendly and just a lovely reminder of what great choice we made in picking our place.

P.S. We did leave groceries at the store and had to drive over there at 10 o’clock at night to pick up our eggs, salad, and mustard. Like I said, we’re total boneheads.


2 thoughts on “Diary of Noob Homeowner

  1. Hemborgwife

    O this is funny and wonderful all at once! I am so scared of locking myself out but am even more scared of not locking the door when I leave and my husband coming home to an unlocked house!


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