Festively Fall

This past weekend, we had Ale’s family over for his mom’s birthday. With a table from Ale’s bro and some folding chairs borrowed from my mom, we cobbled together a dining room set for the event. And then I got to work, sorting through my serving pieces to best showcase the menu I was to serve the group of eight.

Let me tell ya though, the menu was pretty spectacular itself. Inspired by a menu suggestion from the Barefoot Contessa Foolproof cookbook, I pieced together the following:

Starter: Butternut Squash Soup from The Bride & Groom First Cookbook

Entree: Pork tenderloin with Fennel

Side Dish: Celery Root and Apple Puree

Green Salad made by bro-in-law

Dessert: Apple Tart

How festively fall, right? Luckily, my efforts were rewarded because everyone raved about how delicious everything was. I definitely brushed my shoulders after that one. But as happy as I was to make the meal, I was more ecstatic about how pretty my table looked:

Probably should have ironed those napkins before snapping this pic…

I love mixing and matching white dinnerware: it’s such a fun touch that doesn’t take away from the food presentation. Oh good grief, now I’m starting to sound like Ina 😛 Just call me the Boatshoe Contessa 😉 I realize my table isn’t very festively fall but I’m sure a few trips to Homegoods and Hobby Lobby will change that for future events.

What’s your favorite dish to make for guests?

*Note: None of my links are affiliated, i just like making it easier for you to find things.


3 thoughts on “Festively Fall

  1. Maria

    Beautiful tablescape, Boatshoe! And what an impressive menu. I’ve never attempted a pork tenderloin before.

    When do we get a house tour? 🙂


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