15 weeks

As soon as I said I won’t be posting updates about the baby, I have thoughts I want to share with you all!

Let’s start with our reactions to the news. The moment we stared at the positive test results in front of us , I stood in shock while Ale hugged my belly (he was sitting at the time). Ale said, “noo…really?…nooo…really?” while all I could do was nod.

When we got to see the babe on the screen for the first time, I laughed while Ale cried. I then declared the baby looked like gummi bear with its big head and tiny feet and arms.

The second time we got to see the little bean, it was squirming around like a total spaz, making the technician’s job of measuring very hard! She was like, the baby likes whatever you ate last because it won’t sit still! I said, “Yep, it’s definitely Ale’s kid. ADHD in the womb.”

His parents were beyond the moon when they found out. His mom hugged us and gushed how excited she was. Ale’s dad sniffed on the phone and exclaimed how proud and excited he was. Meanwhile, my parents sat in shock upon hearing the news.  I think they’re still processing it.

Yesterday we went in for our first official checkup (as opposed to the first appointment which is considered a “confirmation appointment.”) Since we were in a room with a sonogram machine, the doc said we could take a peek and check on our little one. Upon seeing the image on the screen, I blurted out “(Lolz) Look at that fat baby!” to which our doctor said, “Aw no! It’s fine! Now that you called it fat, it’s being shy!” And indeed, bubba decided to squirm about and not sit still for measurements. Whoops. My doctor probably thinks I’m the meanest mother ever: first I called my baby a gummi bear, then I called it fat and a spaz. I meant each one as a term of endearment, of course! I like gummi bears and clearly I married a spaz and well, babies are suppose to be fat! Whatever.

In any case, for those playing “bump watch 2013,” sit tight because this kid is clearly shy and loves hiding. One of my coworkers jokingly said, “You are the worst short pregnant lady ever. You hold it in like a tall person. What gives!” I’m told that this is all temporary as one day I’ll wake up and find myself looking like Violet Beauregard, bratty attitude and all. Oh, the things I have to look foward to…

t From FYeahViolet

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