Macgyvering Thanksgiving

I usually hate the slogan “keep calm and carry on.” It’s so overplayed, right?

From Wikipedia

However, there is no better way to describe my actions last Thursday afternoon when I realized the oven died and my turkey was only halfway cooked.

My mom was finishing her stuffing on the stove while I worked on boiling the giblets for gravy when all of a sudden, the stove started sparking right behind the electric panel for the oven. It was a like a mini fireworks display going on back there! We quickly shut off all the burners and Ale went downstairs to look at the electric panel. A fuse hadn’t blown so we thought we were okay and went back to cooking on the stove. When I went to take the turkey out to start basting it, I realized it was a little too pale for the amount of time it had been roasting. It’s at that moment I learned the oven was shot. Whomp, whomp!

Rather than panic, I surveyed the kitchen and considered my options. I then decided to cut the bird up and pan-fry part of it in some skillets on the stove while the half baked in the toaster oven.  And as for the sweet potatoes that hadn’t seen a lick of heat yet, I cut them up into squares, threw them into a casserole with a teeny bit of water, nuked them in the microwave and mashed them up afterwards. And I still managed to make gravy with the pan drippings from the skillets I used to finish the turkey. Dinner was served promptly at 3p, as I intended. Boom!

Let me tell ya, it felt pretty damn boss! No tears! No one got yelled at! It was a total 180 from when I hosted my first Thanksgiving and the pie plate shattered 10minutes before dinner. That was fun. Luckily no pie was harmed or scarified this year as I had made it earlier in the day (Lesson learned from that 1st go around of hosting).

And that my friends, is how I saved Thanksgiving. ::brushes shoulders off::


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