Happy 2014

Hope all you happy campers had a great holiday season! My fam from Florida came to spend the holidays with us and it was the best time ever! My parents and sis also stayed with us which meant there was 9 of us in the house at all times! And I cooked breakfast for all of us and baked all the things and made stupendous dinners and had a blast doing it!

french toast

challah french toast fried in bacon grease

Of course it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as I may have overworked myself making Christmas dinner which ended in me crying at the end of the dinner and excusing myself to have a meltdown. So yeah, pregnancy hormones are real. I can get really overwhelmed by emotion (positive or negative) easily and it’s a little unnerving to be quite honest! It’s like, WTF!? Control yo self, self! But I guess what’s the side effects of harboring a baby in your belly.

Speaking of which…OMG she’s HALF BAKED! Yesterday marked 21 weeks! And yes, I just said SHE because we’re having a girl! We found out a little before Christmas! We’re so excited for our little miss and I want to buy all the pink frilly things!


I hope to tell you later how we announced the gender to our family sometime this month but we know how my blogging goes…haha.

In any case, wishing you all a happy 2014!!

3 thoughts on “Happy 2014

  1. Jessica

    You are the hostess with the mostest!!!!! Cannot wait to stay over with you so I can get my hands on some french toast and rub that BABY BELLY!!! (Told ya it was a girl) 😉


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