I Done Did It Again

You can keep the preggo from running, but that don’t mean you can keep the preggo from racing. Yep, I did it again. I couldn’t help myself! I signed up for yet another race while toting a little gumdrop in my belly. Ever since completing a 10k back in November during my second semester (and a half during my first), I’ve kept the idea of completing a race during my third and last trimester in the back of my mind. How cool would it be to tell my kid, “Yep, I did THREE races while you were chilling in mah belly! Wacha think of me now?” She’ll probably roll her eyes and say, “Okay mom, whatever.”

This time around, I will be walking a 5k (3.1miles). Scratch that, most likely I’ll be waddling 3 miles as I’ll be 7 months along by March 8. The race supports women of domestic abuse (great cause) and I’ll be joined by a friend who lives not too far from the start line. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a jolly good time catching up with one another and celebrate our accomplishments with some brunch!

Best part is that my my blog friend Maria will be doing her own 5k the following day on the west coast. Since we can’t do a 5k together, this is the next best thing! We’ll support one another in spirit! Everybody wins!


3 thoughts on “I Done Did It Again

  1. Maria

    Best blog title ever.

    I just now realized that you will have done a race in each trimester! That’s amazing. I personally think that Little Miss is going to call you are a rockstar 🙂


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