Home Improvements

We finally put our stamp on our home this past weekend! We changed something minor which led to a big improvement. We have a U-shaped kitchen with stupid floating cabinets above the peninsula. I’ve hated those cabinets since I first laid eyes on them in the house listing pictures. I thought, if we end up in this house, that’s the first thing to go! Disclaimer: The actual first thing to go was the dog run in the backyard but Ale removed that the first weekend we moved in and that didn’t really bother me so it doesn’t count, haha.

We kept talking about removing the cabinets for months but Ale finally did something about it on Saturday night. He was sitting on the kitchen counter and said, “All right, going to take the cabinets down.” Just like that! Did I mention he’s having sympathy pregnancy symptoms and also has serious case of nesting?

So armed with his trusty electric screwdriver, a pile of books, and some barstools, he pulled down the cabinets which really opened up the kitchen:



The same lighting is on in both pictures but look how dark and cave-like the cabinets made the space! Now we have to choose some pendant lighting to go above the peninsula as well as patch up that hole you see in the suffit in the “after” picture (not Ale’s fault, it was hiding under the cabinets all along).

So what do you think? We are slowly but surely making the house our own!

3 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. Morgan

    It looks so much more open now! We did the same thing to the cabinets over our peninsula, and it’s one of my favorite improvements we’ve done so far. Have fun picking pendant lights!

  2. Maria

    Love it! It definitely opens up the kitchen and makes it less cavernous! Openness > kitchen storage. Also, I’d love to see what you are thinking in terms of pendant lights.

    Mad props to Bob Villa, err, Ale. He’s becoming quite the handyman.


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