Summer Vacation

As of Monday, I’ve been at home for two months. And guess what? It’s been awesome! As soon as I came home from the hospital, I’ve felt energized and have been cooking and baking up a storm! I’m sure my husband has appreciated my return to the kitchen as the last 4 months (or more) of pregnancy meant sad meals and lots of take out/frozen dinners.

I’ve managed to make blackberry, cherry, peach, lemon meringue, chocolate, strawberry, rhubarb, all while wearing a certain little someone. We’re certainly a fan of baby wearing around these parts. I registered and received the boba wrap which is one of those giant pieces of cloth that you wrap around you and slip the baby in. It’s like the moby wrap but the fabric has spandex in it which makes it pretty foolproof.

pie making

I’ve also made lots of cookies, my favorite being chocolate chip pretzel (so good). Hmmm, should I be attributing my stall in weight loss to my baking? Nah…that couldn’t be it 😛

Some of the new recipes we’ve had for dinner include: fajita enchiladas, herb smothered salmon, stuffed french toast, and lemony mushroom chicken.

As you can see, I’ve definitely been having fun getting acquainted with my kitchen again! I missed being up to my elbows in flour and sugar!

What new recipes have you tried this summer?

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