Return to the Races

This past weekend, I ran my first post baby 5k with my good pal Lucy. It was an all-female race held on big open pavement through nearby neighborhoods. While I usually shy away from races geared towards women, this one rocked! Not a drop of “diva” or bubblegum pink to be found. If that floats your boat and gets you running, more power to ya! It’s just not my stick.

Word to the wise: whenever possible, find out the course terrain before signing up. Last December, I signed everyone up for a 5k that was around a lake and it made for a less than fun experience. Trails are great for 1-2 people but any more than that and you can’t run with your friends shoulder to shoulder, it bottlenecks, and sometimes you end up running in mud. Trails=uneven paths=fear of rolling ankles with every step.

The race swag was pretty spectacular! In fact it’s my second favorite race premium, my first being a Brooks long sleeve and coffee mug from my second 5k ever. We received a short sleeve cotton-like women’s cut tech tee (think American Apparel soft) and a large Lululemon tote! I kinda want to live in my tee, it’s so comfortable!

race premiums

Lucy and I did great! We finished right under my goal of 40min by a few seconds. We had a blast catching up and getting our sweat on! We of course enjoyed some celebratory mimosas and huevos rancheros at brunch. Talk about the most productive Sunday morning! I seriously need to design a “will run for brunch” tee. Hmm….

Anywho, I’m off to search for our next race! BYE!

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