Three Little Birds

…or the time I ate 3 rotisserie chickens in one week.

Last week I had lots of visits and rather than spend all my time in the kitchen preparing a meal, I decided to forgo the nonsense for something quick, easy, and delicious.

On Tuesday, I made the Neelys’ white chicken chili.

On Wednesday, I made nectarine, brie, and chicken flatbreads from Better Homes and Gardens:

image from bhg

But rather than making the dainty dish seen above, I altered the recipe a little by first piling each flatbread with a boat load of chicken and  then serving the salad on the side because y’all know that serving suggestion right there is not going to satisfy anyone for dinner. I should also mention that even when deconstructed, the flat bread still manages to look pretty so yay for that!

On Thursday, I made How Sweet Eats bbq chicken enchiladas which is a staple ’round these parts. I make those enchiladas at least once a month without fail. If you don’t follow Jessica from How Sweet Eats, you’re totally missing out! She has to be my most favorite food bloggers as she comes up with such creative and incredibly delicious dishes! She’s got a book coming out in a few short weeks and I cannot wait to devour it (pun intended of course).

You’d think I’d stop there once the chickens were consumed but no. With the last chicken, I threw the bones along with some carrots, celery, onion, salt and pepper, into my crockpot to make a stock that I used to flavor Emeril’s jambalaya.

It’s a surprise we haven’t sprouted wings from all the chicken we consumed! But whatever, at least I vary the flavors and “cuisines” so it’s always something different. And before you go thinking that every night means bird in our house, lemme tell ya otherwise! One week, I made three dinners using a bag of chickpeas I cooked up myself: we had chickpea burgers, chickpea stew, and couscous salad featuring chickpeas. This summer has been the season of “the special ingredient.” It’s like I’m hosting my own Food Network Channel up in this piece!

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to eat rotisserie chicken?

P.S. I don’t like eating the rotisserie chicken straight up. I clearly love using it in things but served as is? No thanks. Funny, huh?

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