Longest Month Ever

September 2014 will go down as the hardest, longest month of my entire existence. As soon as we turned corner after Labor Day, things went a little haywire around here.

My dad was hospitalized and it’s been quite upsetting. Luckily the worst is over and he’s recovering fine. Barf.

Did I also mention that little miss decided to exhibit a classic case of 4 month sleep regression during this time? Honestly, she turned 4 months old and after 2 blissful nights of sleep, she went bananas and didn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time for a month straight.The hardest shift was when she’d wake at 2 or 3am and want to hang out until 5am, only to wake up for her usual 6:30a feeding. She’s just now starting to sleep more soundly. HOWEVER, now she seems to be teething and is cranky and incredibly fussy during the day. Ah well, at least she slept till 8:30 this morning, allowing me to drink my coffee hot and freshly brewed with some eggs and bacon, holla!

Oh and then there was a point during all the madness when one of the cats got out and went missing for 2 days. That was truly the icing on the cake. It was then that I was convinced I had shat on someone and I was paying for some serious negative karma. Luckily the goofball only made it as far as the deck and my poor sister had to crawl under it to pull him out. Sigh.

After all that noise, I think we’re finally on an upward swing as we traverse a new month! I love October! It’s the epitome of fall, right? This month we celebrate a whole year in our home! Time FLEW this year! I am currently working on adding more art to the walls and completing our dining room. It has sat in a sad state for a year with only a table and some folding chairs holding it together. I ordered a pair of proper chairs to try out with our table and bought frames for some pretty Audubon prints (put a bird on it!) Ags bought me awhile back.

For our kitchen, I’m putting up one of my favorite food quotes by way of a free printable available from I Should Be Mopping. Following her suggestion, I got the 11X17 printable done at Staples for only 40 cents and popped it into a black matted frame from Michaels that I got on sale for $5.50! The frame itself is 14X18 with an 11X14 opening so its nice and big.


Isn’t that quote just the best? People who don’t like to eat are sooooo weird.

And…that’s what’s up in my neck of the woods. :::Phew:::

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