2015 Resolutions

Notice “improve penmanship” is not on the list. Believe me when I say there’s an R in “work” for #2 and that I’m not going to “wok” on my temper.” Sigh.

#1: In my last three races (of various distances and elevations), I’ve run the same consistent pace. It’s not particularly fast, it’s not incredibly slow,  it’s comfortable. In 2015, I want to push myself to new PRs.

#2: I am too quick to anger.Rather than be hot-headed and fired up at the drop of a hat (which leads to a lot of apologizing later), I’m going to try and take a chill pill and think before I speak or act. This may be my hardest goal of the three, ha.

#3: Now that I’ve read Understanding Exposure and have finally established a decent understanding of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, I want to my apply my newly acquired knowledge and take on a 365 day photo project. I’m going to use the prompts in the BethADilly Challenge. While I plan to use my DSLR for most of the project, on some days an iPhone pic will have to do (i.e. the photo that preluded this post).

What are you going to work on?



One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Lucy

    I have yet to see this so called temper!! You’re the most chill person I know! Love the 365 goal! Can’t wait to see your pictures 🙂


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