It’s been a year since I’ve neglected my little blog. File that under things that happen when you have kids. Because now it’s not just when you have a kid,” I went ahead and had another. Bananas, right?

I miss the internet. Actually, scratch that. I miss a LOT of things. If it wasn’t for my sister who’s a bit younger than me to tell me the cool, hip things happening in the world, I’d pretty much be a total dark about damn near everything. I always laugh when moms talked about being out of touch. I thought, come on, it’s not hard! Newsflash: it is. If it’s not mentioned on instagram or facebook, I dont know about it. I only keep up those two social media outlets because, duh, pictures are easy to scroll through. Isn’t that ridiculous? That I really feel like I don’t have time to read Twitter headlines for news?

One day I will. Maybe. Probably not though.



One thought on “Damn.

  1. Maria

    I don’t care if you update every two years, still gotta a spot saved for you in my Feedly 🙂

    I used to subscribe to The Skimm to keep up to date about things happening in this world and even that was hard to keep up with (and often made me late to work because I had to click on all the links). Oh well. I get points for trying, right? We should start a club.

    Also signs of getting old: went shopping today, skipped the clothing stores and spent an hour in Crate and Barrel instead. New sheets > new shirts.


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