Oh, Hi!

I miss blogging. I really do. But hell, I barely have (read: make) time to read blogs, much less produce content for one! I am making time to get my culinary skills up to snuff (i.e. I finally made a successful pizza dough the other day) and you know, raising little people. That’s pretty much how I spend most of my days!

Still running. Or more like, finally running. As in, I’m finally properly training for races for the first time in six years since I’ve taken it up. I decided that in 2017, I would actually train for races instead of just showing up. I’ve joined a local chapter of runner moms. Them ladies are no joke. They take their running quite seriously. The stroller moms beat my solo runner ass by a long shot. It’s part inspirational/part terrifying, haha! I think I’m more of a person who happens to run as part of an exercise routine rather than a “runner.” I see a runner someone more like my younger sister who’s tackling her first marathon this fall! She LOVES to run. She sees routes or weather reports and gets excited by the possibility of a good run. Meanwhile, I’m like, ::groan:: I guess I should run (slowly gets up from comfortable couch and creaks up the stairs to change).

Last summer, I started working with an online trainer. I signed up for two rounds of her bootcamp and learned I really like kettlebells, tabatas, and crossfit-inspired workouts. They’re quick (20-30min) and easily adaptable so you never stalemate. If I get too comfortable with a particular weight, I can increase the load and/or add more rounds of torture! Hurts so good! These workouts have helped me come to peace with my 30-something year old body! I don’t cringe at pictures or mirrors. It’s more like, “good job self! You lift the heavy things, and haven’t gotten fatter!” Woo! #smallvictories

So…yeah. That’s where I’m at. Hope you’re all doing well!


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