On the Subject of Mom Tribes

Boy, is it hard to make friends as an adult! And if you’re introverted like me, it’s enough to make your stomach turn. Thankfully, there’s social media which has helped me tremendously in many facets of life and continues to do so to this day! It’s through social media that I have met people post-college and made incredible, life-long connections with (like the four people reading this) so it’s only natural it’s helped me find avenues to explore in order to find face-to-face friends, haha!

By way of Instagram, I’ve learned of two organizations based on motherhood and fitness, Moms Run This Town/She Runs this Town (MRTT) and No Excuse Moms (NEM). I’ve been a part of my local chapter of MRTT for two years on Facebook but haven’t made a conscious effort to actually meet other members until the last few months. As I’ve made it one of my goals this year to actually train for road races, it’s only fitting I try to find other similarly paced runners to workout with because as most people would agree, exercise with others is always more enjoyable than taking to it alone (especially when it comes to running). The group is filled with women of all walks of life (including those who don’t have kids) and paces! Now I’ve made my presence known in person and through the message boards, I’ve actually recognized and been recognized around town while at the gym and parks to that’s been nice!

One of the members of MRTT is the chapter leader of the NEM and I only recently joined that group because I had heard about it through Instagram. Today, I ventured out for my first workout with this group and chit-chatted away with a new mom (new to me and new mom to a 7mo old). It was a great way to get out, socialize (both myself and the littles), and get a little exercise! I definitely plan to meet up with these lovely ladies in the future.

I’ve also recently joined the local run club which has annual dues (about $20). They offer various (serious) training plans throughout the year and I’m thinking of doing their half marathon training program this fall to get ready for the Richmond Half (haven’t done a half in FOUR YEARS! I’m a little rusty to say the least, haha). This may be the most intimidating of the three groups as these runners mean business! There’s a racing team composed of age group winners that is sponsored by the local running store. I’ve tried running with them at fun runs and it can be hit or miss. But I have met some momma peeps through their low-key race series so I cannot discount them as total stiffs…but seriously some of these runners not only win races at neck breaking speeds, they’re like super smart scientists. Super intense. Gulp.

So yeah. I’m trying! It’s hard, but hey, nothing worthwhile is easy, right? And now I’m off to watch Moana (highly recommend!) for the umpteenth time with the littles!  Happy Hump Day friends!


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