Early Rising

I did it guys! I finally woke up before the sun (and my children)! It’s only taken 3 years, but I finally did it.

I am a night owl through and through. If my life could occur between 10a and 2a, I’m be set. But as you very well know, those hours are not conducive to child rearing…or anything really unless you’re spring semester college senior, haha!

So for the past year I’ve been toying with the idea of waking up early to exercise and/or get a start on the day before the little people wake up. Yo, it’s hard! Last summer, I would get up every now and again but obviously that didn’t last long. Getting up at 6 on Saturdays for the past few months to get my long runs in with my MRTT friends is what helped the most. That accountability is no joke! You feel obligated to meet up with people. That, and then promise of dunkin coffee afterwards, haha. This has become such a thing that my kids now greet me every Saturday morning with a “Hi momma, do you have a donut for me?”…well, the oldest verbalizes it and the littlest’s eyes twinkle in a knowing fashion.

This morning I woke up at 5a to meet a MRTT pal for a 5:30a workout. THAT, is unheard of my friends. But you know what, it’s great to know I already got my exercise in (and sbux)! And obviously I have time to blog a little! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that a)I get more ideas to blog about, and b)this waking up early bit becomes habit. Why is it that every good for you habit takes work!?

In completely unrelated news, I started a new CSA this summer and we just got our first pickup! It’s got your standard greens like kale, and swiss chard but it also has new to me things like pac choi and garlic scapes! I love cooking with new things, it’s like my own episode of Chopped. Not that I actually like watching Chopped…but the concept is fun, nonetheless!

Anywho, hope you have a good Friday Eve and excellent weekend!


One thought on “Early Rising

  1. Maria

    “Why is it that every good for you habit takes work!?” WORD.

    I read that it takes 20 days to form a new habit, so I’d say you got this one down. I think winters would be really hard to stick to a morning workout routine.

    Mmm, blueberry cake donut holes…


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