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Flexing My Creative Muscles

I recently helped my sister bring to life an idea she had for a friend’s gift. She wanted to make him a wooden bottle cap opener complete with cap collector. We have one we received as a present when Ale was in our friends’ wedding. We use it all the time (read: we’re big beer drinkers)!

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While my sis liked the original cap catcher, she wanted something a little more fun and personal and she enlisted my help since I’m the more crafty one (i.e. I studied humanities and she was a science major). After some brainstorming and Pinterest perusing, we came up with a Maryland themed bottle opener:

Old Bay for the win! And our state flag isn't too shabby either.

Old Bay for the win! And our state flag isn’t too shabby either.

Man, do I miss creating and designing things! It’s been entirely too long and I didn’t realize how much I enjoy it! I recently dusted off my ancient relic of a laptop (see also: my wrists hurt from only using my phone to access the internet) and started making more use of it. You’d be surprised at what you can do on old school software like Word and Powerpoint! I’d love to show you what I’ve managed to do with those bad boys but again, that’s another post for another day. Until then, peace out girl scouts!


2015 Resolutions

Notice “improve penmanship” is not on the list. Believe me when I say there’s an R in “work” for #2 and that I’m not going to “wok” on my temper.” Sigh.

#1: In my last three races (of various distances and elevations), I’ve run the same consistent pace. It’s not particularly fast, it’s not incredibly slow,  it’s comfortable. In 2015, I want to push myself to new PRs.

#2: I am too quick to anger.Rather than be hot-headed and fired up at the drop of a hat (which leads to a lot of apologizing later), I’m going to try and take a chill pill and think before I speak or act. This may be my hardest goal of the three, ha.

#3: Now that I’ve read Understanding Exposure and have finally established a decent understanding of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, I want to my apply my newly acquired knowledge and take on a 365 day photo project. I’m going to use the prompts in the BethADilly Challenge. While I plan to use my DSLR for most of the project, on some days an iPhone pic will have to do (i.e. the photo that preluded this post).

What are you going to work on?


Silver Linings

Although last post was a total debbie downer, I can’t say all of September was a wash. There were some silver linings to my thunderstorms and rain clouds.

At the beginning of the month, I ran my second postpartum 5k. I beat my previous race time by over 3 minutes! While I may only average about one run a week nowadays, I’m still getting faster,fitter, stronger! The race was a lot of fun and I got to run with a new running buddy, Ale’s coworker, Tee. Tee is fellow mother runner and runs races quite frequently. In fact, she likes to annually run the Disney Wine and Dine half and use the time as a family vacation. I definitely like a lady who works hard but plays hard too!

At the end of the month, I finally got the chance to meet one of my all-time favorite bloggers! Jess from How Sweet Eats came to the Baltimore Book Festival for a cooking demo and book signing. I had her address my book to my twitter handle (peachplum09) and she totally recognized me from it! That was a pretty sweet moment. HowDelish

I know I say this a lot, but I love the internet. I’ve met and connected with so many wonderful people all thanks to the magic of social media 🙂

Another more recent highlight includes the attendance of two weddings! Both ceremonies were beautiful and touching. And in my ongoing quest to be more present in my own life, I refrained from capturing it all on my phone so I’ve got no pictures to share, whomp whomp. However, I will say I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought my first red lipstick to rock at the events. And when I say red, I mean red! It was a pretty big deal to me because I don’t even wear lip gloss but seeing I now live in yoga pants, sweatshirts, and baseball caps on a daily basis, I thought I should step up my game when it came time to dress up! And let me tell ya, I didn’t hate it! I didn’t feel like a clown or like everyone was staring at me. I just felt put together and sassy. I will most certainly be trying new makeup-y things more often as I just subscribed to birchbox. Bring on the selfie makeovers!

Next time I jump back on this computer thing, I’ll tell ya about all the yummy delicious things I’ve tried recently. Pumpkin macaroni and cheese? Oh yes!