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Baby: Month 3

The other day I was reading a post about good toys to spark imagination. Yes I know it’s too early to be thinking about such things but those are the types of things I google during 3am feedings (which have kicked back up after disappearing since week 6). I guess she’s going through what they call sleep regression? Missy use to sleep from 10p-6a but now goes to bed at 9p and wakes up at 3a to feed. It’s not hellish, just a little groan-inducing but hey, it’s what babies do, right? They change and grow and my job is just to roll with the punches!

Speaking of which, omg, she seems to grow leaps and bounds lately which leads to some serious tantrums. Her nickname has gone from Narco (short for narcoleptic) to Tiny Tyrant because sometimes she can be a little unnerving when she goes into her seemingly random fits of rage. The other night my mom was watching her while I picked up dinner and I walked into missy having a fit and my mom looking helpless as she wasn’t taking the bottle or pacifier. Meanwhile I’m like, “Listen here kid, calm down! You are going to be OKAY!” And after I put her in the sling (we have the boba wrap and love it) and bounced a few times while pacing the hall, she settled and took the bottle my mom had warmed up. Lessons learned while caring for an infant: do not lose your cool or they win, haha. I’m pretty sure they can smell fear.

ANYWAY, back to the beginning of this story: toys to cultivate creativity. The post I read suggested plain wooden blocks which took me back to my own childhood and the endless hours I spent playing with my set of playskool wood blocks:

Pic from Ebay Listing

Pic from Ebay Listing

I had this exact set of blocks that were handed down to me from a family friend. I loved loved LOVED playing with them! Of course I assumed my mom gave them away so I bookmarked an etsy shop that sold some for future reference.

Well when my parents came over this weekend, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask my mom if she still had the blocks.. As luck would have it, (read: my mother is a pack rat) she kept them! I will be able to pass them on to my little bug! Isn’t that cool? I’m so stoked!

Now if only Ale’s mom had kept his legos…but I guess that’s what we have ebay or Craigslist, right?

What were some of your favorite toys growing up?


Return to the Races

This past weekend, I ran my first post baby 5k with my good pal Lucy. It was an all-female race held on big open pavement through nearby neighborhoods. While I usually shy away from races geared towards women, this one rocked! Not a drop of “diva” or bubblegum pink to be found. If that floats your boat and gets you running, more power to ya! It’s just not my stick.

Word to the wise: whenever possible, find out the course terrain before signing up. Last December, I signed everyone up for a 5k that was around a lake and it made for a less than fun experience. Trails are great for 1-2 people but any more than that and you can’t run with your friends shoulder to shoulder, it bottlenecks, and sometimes you end up running in mud. Trails=uneven paths=fear of rolling ankles with every step.

The race swag was pretty spectacular! In fact it’s my second favorite race premium, my first being a Brooks long sleeve and coffee mug from my second 5k ever. We received a short sleeve cotton-like women’s cut tech tee (think American Apparel soft) and a large Lululemon tote! I kinda want to live in my tee, it’s so comfortable!

race premiums

Lucy and I did great! We finished right under my goal of 40min by a few seconds. We had a blast catching up and getting our sweat on! We of course enjoyed some celebratory mimosas and huevos rancheros at brunch. Talk about the most productive Sunday morning! I seriously need to design a “will run for brunch” tee. Hmm….

Anywho, I’m off to search for our next race! BYE!

Post Pregnancy Workout

Let me tell you what I’m up to now that I am no longer toting a gigantic belly around and do not rock the same night owl habits I had pre-baby. The short version: I’m all about quick and efficient these days!

Before our move and my pregnancy, I use to go to the gym at 9 or 10 o’clock at night and run 3-5 miles on the treadmill. I’d maybe throw in a couple of strength training moves if I was feeling up to it. I got a list of sets from when I did a modified version of Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer when I was getting ready for the wedding. It was nice because the gym was only 2 miles away from our condo and closed at 11p. My sleep wasn’t interrupted from the late night sweat session and actually helped me sleep better.

I cancelled my gym membership when we moved because the closet location was 10 miles away and totally out of the way. When we moved, it made me commute hella long and I was already pregnant, so there was no motivation to work out after 9p.

So that leads us to my present day routine: I try to hold myself accountable every other day. I try to go for a run in the morning, in between baby’s morning feeding at 5a and when Ale leaves for work at 8a. Lucky for me, we have some great running paths right outside our door:

trail running

I’m currently tackling 2 miles each time which takes me about 25min to complete. And if I’m feeling quite energized and ambitious (and still have time before the baby wakes) I squeeze in a 15min total body Tone It Up strength training video. Those girls are no joke. You are left feeling like jello (in the best way possible) after each session.

If I can’t get in my ideal workout (run+strength), I make it a point to complete at least 1 10min popsugarfitness video during naptime. You wouldn’t think a 10min video would do anything but you’d be wrong, so wrong! It hurts so good!

And as far as my running and love of races, I’m currently planning to do 3 more races before the end of the year. I’m thinking 1 5k in September and December and possibly a 10k in November. The way I see it, signing up for these races is like paying a monthly gym membership as well as a great motivator to lace up my sneakers and get out the door!

Come back later this week when I recap my latest 5k. Spoiler alert: I loved it!

Now I hear a baby stir, g2g!