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Wedding Recap: Dinnertime

After the ceremony, we took family portraits. If I thought it was tough to sit through the ceremony, family portraits was like herding cats. While the pictures are lovely, I will spare you of their boring nature. While I’m smiling in them, all I kept thinking was, OMG WHEN IS THIS OVER!? When you see beautiful wedding photos, you don’t realize the thoughts going through the smiling people’s heads. It is exhausting to say the least.

ANYWAY, I was sad to miss cocktail hour but I needed to breathe and be alone for the last few moments before heading into dinner. Luckily I did get to sample the delicious hors d’oeuvres and pound glasses of water like it was going out of style. I picked calyso/reggae/summertime vibes for cocktail hour and it made my heart swell with happiness when I could hear good ol Bob Marley echoing through the surrounding forest. My vision had come alive so that was awesome.

Dinner was uh-mazing! SO DELICIOUS. So pretty too:

And for table numbers & favors, I cut out turtles out of leftover program and staked them into little flower pots, surrounded by colorful tealights and made over 200 turtle shaped lemon cookies and wrapped up with a pretty coral ribbon:

The maid of honor and best man speeches were very touching and tugged at our heart strings:

Somewhere between bopping from table to table and shoveling food into my mouth in very unladylike fashion, I managed to sneak in a pic with my some of my fav blog/twitter peeps turned in person friends 🙂

Emily and Jess! Love them!

Man, now I know why wedding bloggers take so long to finish, it’s hard work to retell your wedding story! :::wipes brow::

Hope you have a fantastic start of the week!

*all beautiful images by Natalie Franke Photography*


Wedding Recap: Bridal Party Portraits

So after my girls and I got dolled up, we went outside to get bridal portraits done.

But before we can get to that, Ale and I had our first look! Instead of it being an intimate moment between the two of us, it was just a quick moment taken right next to the manor. There was really no place to have a quiet place to be alone and it was more than fine with us, we didn’t care one bit.

Of course there are serious pics as I hold my breathe and calmly walk towards him:

But then that composure is shattered as I’m completely beside myself when he finally turns around. Folks, you can’t feign this kind of excitement:

Afterwards, we took pics with our dream team:

I owe so much to these people! We picked the best possible group of friends and family to help us on such an important day! You all rock!

OH! And lest I forget, can we talk about our flowers for a second? Because they’re pretty awesome and deserve their own moment in the spotlight:

But anyway, after an hour of nervous giggles, fits of laughter, and a just few more portraits…

…it was time for the happy couple to part ways and get ready to walk down the aisle!

*all beautiful imagery provided by Natalie Franke Photography*


Wedding Recap: Morning Of

I woke up on Saturday bright and early to get the party started!

Us girls got ready in the bridal suite. We packed snacks like hummus, veggies, fruit, and nuts, so of course the guys dropped in. Wait, isn’t that not allowed?

Don’t worry, they left WAY before I got ready 😉

After my sister, two bffs, and mom got prettified, it was finally my turn to get gorgeous and bridal-like!

My something old and something new: my late grandma’s pearl necklace and Kate Spade turtle earrings

My best $10 Ebay purchase to date: a great hair accessory

My something borrowed: my moh’s mother’s amethyst ring. Apparently your something borrowed should be from a married person. I did not know that! Did you?

My something blue: 4″  BCBG navy blue peep toe heels:

My modified sweetheart neckline dress:

Classic hairdo: french twist

And then before I knew it, I was in the world’s most comfortable wedding dress that I did not tug or pull at ALL DAY, and boom! I was a bride!

Afterwards, it was time for bridal party portraits which was pretty much my favorite part of the day. I’ll be sharing those fun pics next time!

Hope you are liking the recaps so far!

*All the beautiful images by Natalie Franke Photography*