It’s been a year since I’ve neglected my little blog. File that under things that happen when you have kids. Because now it’s not just when you have a kid,” I went ahead and had another. Bananas, right?

I miss the internet. Actually, scratch that. I miss a LOT of things. If it wasn’t for my sister who’s a bit younger than me to tell me the cool, hip things happening in the world, I’d pretty much be a total dark about damn near everything. I always laugh when moms talked about being out of touch. I thought, come on, it’s not hard! Newsflash: it is. If it’s not mentioned on instagram or facebook, I dont know about it. I only keep up those two social media outlets because, duh, pictures are easy to scroll through. Isn’t that ridiculous? That I really feel like I don’t have time to read Twitter headlines for news?

One day I will. Maybe. Probably not though.



Adventures in Suburbia: CSA’ing

In theory, I like the idea of meal planning. However, the reality is, I just don’t think that way. I’m more of a winger when it comes to making dinner. The only prepping I do ahead of time is maybe defrost some sort of protein the morning of. I also like the theory of farmer’s markets. However, whenever I go, I freeze up and can’t decided what to buy and walk out empty handed. I just can’t (meal)plan ahead!

I’ve been meaning to try a CSA(community supported agriculture) since we moved almost a year and a half ago. I had one farm in mind for awhile and the baby’s love of vegetables is what gave me the final push to go ahead and try it. Luckily, this farm runs an early season (March-May) CSA which I figured I’d use as a trial run before committing to the longer summer-fall season.

Getting a new CSA every week is kinda like my own Chopped basket. I don’t know what I’m getting until a day before and it pushes me to find new ways to try old favorites as well as make new to me vegetables. One week I had rainbow carrots which were beautiful and delicious which I roasted alongside melt in your mouth yukon gold potatoes. Another week, my father-in-law who was in town visiting the baby, sautéed the kale we got with some garlic and pasta, so GOOD. One morning I tried broiled grapefruit (they bring in citrus from Floridafrom time to time), yum! One time, I made apple bread pudding using a variety of apples and ciabatta (oh yeah, they also include bread and a dozen eggs in every week’s loot).

CSA pickup

Tonight, I made quinoa chicken stir fry using carrots, bean sprouts, garlic, and mushrooms all from this week’s CSA! Tomorrow I’ll probably make some beet salad and sweet potato pancakes using leftovers from last week’s pickup.

It’s definitely been a fun experience so far and I look forward to signing on for the summer CSA too! Bring on the fresh tomatoes and peaches!

Anywho, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, peeps!

Creative in the Kitchen

In my last post, I mentioned how I have recently had a bit of a cooking renaissance. I had been in bit of an imaginative funk and didn’t realize it. Some days, cooking dinner seemed like such a daunting task! And baking? I saw it more of a chore than a much loved hobby.

Thankfully, I’m over it and slowly waking up my culinary senses! What helped me dust off the cobwebs is a food delivery service called Blue Apron. Our friends so graciously gifted us 2 4 person meals for Christmas. In a package, you receive all the perfectly portioned out ingredients for two gourmet meals. All you have to do is prep and cook. First up was a traditional Japanese ramen:


Aside from my sad looking soft boiled egg, that soup was legit! I had never made anything like it before. Was definitely a new cooking adventure that I was happy to make and consume.

The second meal was a blood orange salmon with Israeli couscous:

IMG_3224Again, something I had never attempted before but I can’t wait to make again if only just for the presentation factor alone! After making such a fun and pretty meals, I’ve kinda rethought my meal planning! Nowadays, I might buy extra ingredients I usually wouldn’t bother with like fresh herbs or green onions, just to add that extra oomph and pizzaz to my dishes. Heck I’ve even stepped up my dessert game! Whereas before I never thought too hard on dessert and would fix myself the occasional bowl of ice cream, I now find myself thinking of fun, fancier ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. Like for instance, instead of just ice cream, I made peanut butter cookie vanilla ice cream sandwiches rolled in chocolate sprinkles: IMG_3255And not to be outdone, after tonight’s dinner, I made little individual chocolate cakes in ramekins garnished with sliced strawberries. Clearly I’m on a mission to not lose any more baby weight. So much for fit mom, haha! She’ll appreciate my culinary ventures more later on than my athletic abilities any way, right? Let’s hope so!