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Happy National Strawberry Shortcake Day!

Oh and its Flag Day too!
So of course I came home and made some strawberry & blueberry shortcakes, from SCRATCH, d’uh.
And that’s what I had for dinner, with some white wine, of course.

And now I’m watching Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. What a random ass evening.

I was suppose to be starting my first six month wedding workout regime today (bc there’s a couple of six month segments from now until May 2012, haha). But……yeah, that’s not happening. I’m tired as heck. Bleck.

I was going to start following Sue Flemings’ Buff Brides which I bought EONS ago. I mean, like, 2006-2007 maybe? I watched the Discovery Health program back when it aired in the early 2000s and somehow it always stuck with me. So we shall see how that goes…when I finally get my butt in gear.