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Flexing My Creative Muscles

I recently helped my sister bring to life an idea she had for a friend’s gift. She wanted to make him a wooden bottle cap opener complete with cap collector. We have one we received as a present when Ale was in our friends’ wedding. We use it all the time (read: we’re big beer drinkers)!

Image from capcatchers.com

While my sis liked the original cap catcher, she wanted something a little more fun and personal and she enlisted my help since I’m the more crafty one (i.e. I studied humanities and she was a science major). After some brainstorming and Pinterest perusing, we came up with a Maryland themed bottle opener:

Old Bay for the win! And our state flag isn't too shabby either.

Old Bay for the win! And our state flag isn’t too shabby either.

Man, do I miss creating and designing things! It’s been entirely too long and I didn’t realize how much I enjoy it! I recently dusted off my ancient relic of a laptop (see also: my wrists hurt from only using my phone to access the internet) and started making more use of it. You’d be surprised at what you can do on old school software like Word and Powerpoint! I’d love to show you what I’ve managed to do with those bad boys but again, that’s another post for another day. Until then, peace out girl scouts!


My Weekend In Instagrams

First, it all started with a belated birthday margarita:


The next day, I managed to eek out 2 mile run/walk with an average of 12min/mile for my first run of the new year (I also managed to dress like a strawberry/watermelon):

run strawberry

Later on, I finally decided to break out my $2 ebay dotting tools and give myself a quick and cute mani:


And finally, on Sunday I headed out to Lucy’s house to work on some crafts and brought over my box o’stuff. It’s basically like Mary Poppins bag, anything you might want to use for crafting…I probably have three types. Take for instance glue, I got your hot glue, your glue sticks, rubber cement, AND mod podge.

photo 5

But of course, I can’t go over to Lucy’s empty handed so I made a triple berry crisp to enjoy after watching the Ravens win against the Patriots:

photo 4

Of course, I’ve got no pics from Monday because I spent the whole day recuperating from the weekend. I’m still not quite over whatever plague is bothering me which has put my efforts to beat last year’s mileage on hold. BOOOOOO! Never thought I’d be bummed out to not be running! WEIRD!

I hope you had a good weekend!

T-Shirt Time!

So…for some reason when I held my t-shirt contest awhile back, I never officially announced the winner. I swear I did, but apparently my blog ate it. In any case, Miss Anni of A Room with a View won and requested a throw-back to the 80s with a splatter paint theme.

It’s been a long time since I worked with paint in such a way, but I hope she likes the results:

Congrats Anni and I hope it’s what you wanted 🙂