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Chapstick: A love story (Part Deux)

So off we go to our date, looking all spiffy.

We get to D.C. and park at a meter. Turns out neither of us had change so we walked around until we found an open Quiznos (we were in a business district so a lot of things like the Starbucks were closed).  We get $3 worth of quarters and boyfriend goes to put the coins in the meter while I stay a block behind and wait. As I’m standing in front of a floral shop I think to myself, Holy cow…is this it? What if he proposes tonight? (I didn’t want to psych myself out by thinking about it too much prior to that moment).

I snap out of it once he comes around the corner, looking all dapper in his suit. However, once he reaches me he says, “Oh! I forgot my keys.” And at that second, I thought, Oh gosh! Is he getting the ring?! Did he keep it in the car so I wouldn’t find it at home!” At this point, my heart is racing. (Turns out, he really did just forget his keys, haha, as the ring was in his coat pocket the whole time)

He finally returns after what seems like ages, and we walk to the restaurant. Once inside, the host graciously greets us with a warm, “Oh Ferrs, Party of two! Right this way!”

We are seated, and are are given specials menus, which I NEVER look at, so I go straight for the regular menu.  Once the host comes back to ask us our drinks, he takes the liberty of tapping on my specials menu and says, “Miss, I think you’d REALLY like our specials tonight,” at which point I think, Okay weirdo pushy waiter guy?! (I have issues with people telling me what to do, haha)

So I begrudgingly pick up the specials menu and take a look inside to find a note  telling me how much he loves me, blah blah blah, now will I ask him for some chapstick. (Record scratch) CHAPSTICK?

Yes, you heard right. See, boyfriend and I are always asking each other for chapstick, so he wrote that so I would ask, and it’d be his cue to reach into his pocket. Once I reach the end, he looked at me and said, “well, are you going to ask me?” I simply shake my head no, and squeak, “I can’t,” as I choke up with tears.

So instead, he gets down on his knee and pulls out the ring, and asks me if I’ll marry him. All I can manage to do is nod my head yes.

Then he says, “wait! I have another surprise,” as he leads me to the back of the restaurant where a small group of friends is waiting. He planned an engagement party with help of my best friend LB.  He completely caught me off guard because we had planned to wait a few years before we got married, so I definitely didn’t expect an engagement, but it was certainly a welcomed surprise 🙂

Party room!

The "specials" menu

Ags cleaning up my makeup bc I'm a crier

Chin Chin! ("Cheers" in Italian)

My bff LB, Boyfriend's co-conspirator

Don’t you just love a happy ending 😉


Chapstick: A love story

Seeing as this is a wedding blog, I suppose I should tell how about I got engaged 🙂

Once upon a midnight dreary…oh, wait. Wrong story.

So one day, my boyfriend says to me, “Oh, mark your calendar, in two weeks, we’re going on a date.”

“A date?” I ask. while in my head I’m thinking, We’ve been dating for five years, we don’t go on dates.

Why?” I ask.

“No reason,” he says.

“Where?” I ask.

“In D.C, at Spezie (fancy Italian joint)” he says.

“With who,” I ask.

“No one, just us,” he says.

At which point, I am skeptical but behave myself and ask no more questions as I have ruined MANY a surprise by badgering him too much, causing him to cave and tell me. So I just said “okay.”

Every so often, until the actual date, he’d ask me with great enthusiasm, “Are you excited for our date?!!” and I always replied “Yeah…sure,” as I was not quite sure what to make of his excitement.

Our date was scheduled for Saturday. The Thursday before the fateful night, I came home from work sick as a dog. I spent that night in the bathroom, clinging to the toilet for dear life. Friday morning, I called in sick as I felt like crap. Boyfriend stayed home that day too because he had to help his grandparents move.

As I laid face down in bed face down, contemplating death,  he sweetly rubbed my back and said, “Now, I know you don’t feel good right now…but…do you think you’ll feel better by tomorrow…by 7pm…for our date?” Yes. He’s THAT obvious (but I love him just the same!)

As I rolled over and give him the death stare:

I  thought to myself, SERIOUSLY?! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT RIGHT NOW?! But instead I responded with “…yeah. I think I should be fine by then.”

Once I felt better, I called my mom to give her an updated status on my health and upcoming date. She suggests I go treat myself by getting a mani/pedi so that I look nice for Saturday night. I know what you’re thinking, D’OH! Maria’s MOM! You’re giving it away!” But that’s not the case, I promise. My mom’s always telling me to get mani/pedis. After going back and forth with her for 30min about how I shouldn’t bother getting one, I finally oblige her and get my nails did (BTW, she did know what was up for Satuday, bc he did ask my parents beforehand 🙂 )

So finally, on Saturday night, the clock strikes 6 and  I’m ready to go, catching boyfriend off guard (people expect me to run late. I’m Hispanic, it’s in my genes).  He says, “uh…we can’t leave yet! It’s too early! Our reservation isn’t till  7.” I get huffy and sit on the couch while he goes and gets ready. He comes out wearing a SUIT, much to my surprise.

We are t-shirt and gym shorts kinda people so its not often we clean up so  I said,  “let’s take photographic evidence of this rare occasion”

Little did I know, I am leaning against the coat pocket with the ring box inside. Poor boyfriend’s heart is beatin SUPER hard in this pic while I’m like “La, La, La, we look so nice” 😛

Stay tuned for the rest of this silly story….