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Broken Record

As of late, it seems all I do is make cookies and t-shirts. Hope you guys don’t mind the repetition!

On Saturday, Ale & I headed over to Lucy‘s house for her and her husband’s annual Christmas party and it was a fantabulous time!! I seriously look forward to it every year!

Sunday afternoon I made this little number while simultaneously baking sugar cookies for my sister’s cookie exchange.

I can’t sew to save my life and have NO CLUE how to operate a sewing machine, so I made it with freezer paper stenciling utilizing this free stencil from Noodles & Milk. Maybe I’ll host a giveaway and make you whatever you want (or at least try to), would you be down?

It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!! AHHH!!! So excited 😀




Do you know what time it is?


But seriously kids, it’s during this time of year I bust out the puffy paints

and make these beauties:


I’ve been making two of my friends Crate and Barrel holiday mascot t-shirts for about four years now. They always get tons of compliments and everyone is mad jealous (of course ;))

Of all the methods I’ve used (and trust me, I’d tried lots), I like the freezer paper stenciling the best (aka poor man’s silk-screening). Not only is it pretty simple, more importantly, it produces the best result. I was going to write you a tutorial but decided I could find you a quality one that would be better than anything I could write up, so here’s the link to that.

I first learned about freezer paper stenciling from craftster which I discovered way back in 2004! (Pre-Etsy era)  It was/still is a place for people to showcase their incredible DIY creations of all kinds on forums.  People are sooo imaginative and creative!

Here are some other samples of my work/experiments throughout time (click images to enlarge)

Free-handed designs:

Nylon faux silk screening fail:

My attempt at trying to save the shirt by outlining the image in black (*Bonus* baby faced Maria):

Here’s one I made for my sister for Senior Spirit Day:

This one was made using my own crazy method of creating a stencil from regular printer paper and shading each layer out with chalk, and then tracing over it with puffy paint. In the end, it’s half free-hand, half stencil, if that makes sense?

And finally, a shirt from last year (first time using freezer paper)

In addition to using freezer paper, this marked the first time I used acrylic paint mixed with textile medium (2:1 ratio) so that I could have a fuller ranger of colors instead of relying on just the Tulip brand colors A.C. Moore carries.

There you have it! My x-mas crafting. I’m insane, I know.

*All images used are personal photos