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What’s Cooking Good Looking

So in my efforts to get fit for the summer, I’ve decided to make gazpacho for lunch.
Note, I tend to NOT like gazpacho, so why on earth would I try making it? Well, it’s easy, and low key. It requires no reheating involved and sandwiches are so boring and I’ve had salad for lunch for three days. So….gazpacho!

I figure I need to get more veggies in my diet so why not? I also needed to make something that wouldn’t appeal to my fiance and his brother (my roommates). The boys are like bottomless pits that devour anything and everything in sight.

The recipe I used was from one of my cooking “bibles,” The Bride and Groom’s First & Forever Cookbook, which I purchased eons ago on when I worked at Crate & Barrel. Yep, that’s right, I worked in the land of bridal registry central.  I use to pump that book to people like nobody’s business.  It was my favorite bridal shower gift idea.  That will serve as today’s product placement.

Here’s the cookbook picture: And here’s mine:

I’ve sampled the ‘zpacho and I approve…not that I’m bias or anything, haha.

Oh yeah, here’s that book I mentioned that you should check out.

Image from Amazon

P.S. I HEART cookbooks, but more about that later