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It’s almost over!

You may ask yourself, what is keeping Maria from posting her usual goofy nonsense and ramblings? This:

Management and Administration for the Information Professional

I’m currently working on (read:avoiding) my final which consists of questions like:

1. In class we extensively discussed a diagonstic change model for building the High Performing Organization (HPO). Describe the key elements in this change model…

2. Describe and evaluate the management paradigm of organizational complexity and illustrate your points about how this plays out in organizations with specific references to key management tasks…

Doesn’t that sound like a barrel full of monkeys? Once I present my group project on social collaborative platform tools, I get a measly 1 1/2 week before the fall semester starts. Who’s a lucky girl? (ooh ooh pick me pick me! haha)

But until I’m back in full force, enjoy this moment of silliness brought to you by librarians, (my apologies if you’ve already seen this)