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I think I’m finally getting the hang of this blogging thing and will now institute some sort of theme for everyone’s favorite workday, Friday!

Fridays’ posts will include a happiness quote, in an attempt to make you smile and start the weekend off on a good note.

Before I give you this week’s quote, I want to highlight a humorous article from Real Simple Magazine.  It ‘s a married couple’s top 10 list on how to avoid divorce and maintain a happy marriage.  They are comedians by trade so the list is chock full of cheekiness.

Here are two of my favorites:

#1. Realize that if you can agree on what constitutes a clean room, you can agree on anything. If you are the kind of person who wants the vacuum tracks on the living-room carpet to last all week (as in, Jason), you need to understand that your spouse is physically unable to hover three inches off the floor when traveling from point A to point B. You may have to shoulder the burden of raking the shag rug twice a day yourself. Conversely, if you are the type of person who “gets around ” to wiping up a raw chicken–juice spill on the counter (for example, Sam), you should know that if you want to live with other humans, you need to surpass the hygiene standards of, say, the average fraternity-house bathroom. Fortunately, if you can compromise on the red hot–button subject of cleanliness, your marriage is unlikely to be thrown off course by comparatively less volatile topics, like politics, religion, and money.

#4. Marry someone with a backbone who appreciates that you possess one of your own. That said, try to have bendy backbones if possible. Don’t attempt to win every argument and get your way all the time. Who could bear all that responsibility, anyway? Repeat this spouse-mollifying phrase after us: “Yes, honey, I will see the Transformers sequel on one of our precious and rare date nights. But on our next excursion, I get to choose a period piece featuring people in bonnets who churn their own butter.”

For the rest go here


Jones, Jason, and Samantha Bee. “10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof.”  Real Simple July 2010

And as promised, here’s today’s quote:

“Happiness is a habit, cultivate it.” Elbert Hubbard

Photo accredited to A.Bowlby