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Okay, while I am millenniums away from creating a slide show for the rehearsal dinner or whenever you present such things, I wanted to share what I plan to use to create mine:

One True Media

It’s a site that let’s you create little montages of your photos and videos without having to learn or download any software. Some of you may be familiar with Animoto (Mrs.Tiramisu used it), which is similar but with One True Media, they have pre-made montages with built-in transitions, and cute/cool graphic animations that are set to music you can select, either from the site or upload your own.

I found it when I was looking up multimedia presentations for one of my graduate classes.  The professor wanted us to branch out from the usual Powerpoint, so I did. Needless to say, everyone sat there amazed, thinking I knew a thing or to about graphic design and what not, and I got an A 🙂

It’s impressive, easy to use, and best of all, FREE.

Check it out whenever you get a chance, and lemme know what you think. Until then, peace out girl scouts!