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Okay,  I rarely like to use the acronym “lol” ’cause I feel silly, so I only reserve it for when I truly laugh out loud.  But here’s something Ags sent me that truly made me lol, The World According to the United States:

(Click on the maps to see more hilarious interpretations of the world according to other countries)

It’s been a slow week in blogging because I have felt MEGA worn down as of late. I actually didn’t go to work today ’cause I just felt so tired even thought I went to bed at 8pm last night.  So to comfort myself, I tried another soup recipe, Santa Fe Chicken Tortilla Soup.  It was actually my co-worker who gave me the recipe.  As she hands it to me, she says, “It lists canned chicken as one of the ingredients, but I guess you could use real chicken?”  Bahaha. At work I get teased for being such a whole foods nut, as in I don’t buy too many prepackaged foods.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a frozen food entree for lunch since I typically pack leftovers like broiled salmon with roasted veggies and brown rice.  I make chicken broth from scratch, I bake bread, etc.  I mean, you’ve seen what I make, it’s all from REAL ingredients.  So I’m often called the office Martha Stewart,but trust and believe, when I bring in baked goods, they’re often too busy stuffing themselves to take a jab at me 😉  Oh, silly co-workers.

Do you have an in-office Martha too? Do you have an office nickname?

P.S. Soup was great! It tasted like a fiesta! Especially topped with a dollop of sour cream & sprinkling of cheddar.


What the…??!!

While checking my email yesterday, I noticed I had a coupon for Cost Plus/World Market (it’s like Pier 1).  When I tried to print the coupon, it asked me to login to my “members rewards center.” Once I’m in, the site provided me with a list of various discounts they are offering on an assorted number of things. Towards the end of the list, one product caught my eye, and not in a “ooh, must have,” kind of way.

Say what now?! Uh…I still don’t know what to say. The description on Amazon.com says, Best served hot with custard. Is that so? haha.  Apparently it’s a traditional British sponge pudding made with golden syrup, suet and raisins.  Err…I think I’ll pass, thanks.

In other news; these past few days have been chilly! So right before leaving work last night, I decided I wanted to make tomato soup for dinner.  I stopped by Harris Teeter to pick up some sandwich bread and cheddar cheese. Can’t have tomato soup without a grilled cheese, right? I also like to poach an egg in mine which is what that giant blob in the middle is.  Nothing like homemade soup to take the chill off 🙂

What’s your favorite way to serve up tomato soup? Or if tomato is not your thing, what’s your favorite soup?

What’s Cooking Good Looking

So in my efforts to get fit for the summer, I’ve decided to make gazpacho for lunch.
Note, I tend to NOT like gazpacho, so why on earth would I try making it? Well, it’s easy, and low key. It requires no reheating involved and sandwiches are so boring and I’ve had salad for lunch for three days. So….gazpacho!

I figure I need to get more veggies in my diet so why not? I also needed to make something that wouldn’t appeal to my fiance and his brother (my roommates). The boys are like bottomless pits that devour anything and everything in sight.

The recipe I used was from one of my cooking “bibles,” The Bride and Groom’s First & Forever Cookbook, which I purchased eons ago on when I worked at Crate & Barrel. Yep, that’s right, I worked in the land of bridal registry central.  I use to pump that book to people like nobody’s business.  It was my favorite bridal shower gift idea.  That will serve as today’s product placement.

Here’s the cookbook picture: And here’s mine:

I’ve sampled the ‘zpacho and I approve…not that I’m bias or anything, haha.

Oh yeah, here’s that book I mentioned that you should check out.

Image from Amazon

P.S. I HEART cookbooks, but more about that later