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Pretty Paperie

Who doesn’t love pretty stationary? (If you don’t, you probably won’t like this post then: let this be your warning)

Today’s wedding feature can be appreciated by anyone not associated with weddings in any which way (which is good since most of you are married/already planned such details)

Steph and I have lucked out with having the BEST stamps available to us for wedding mailing needs. We’re both infatuated with the current “Garden of Love” Forever stamps recently released by the USPS. We may, single-(er, double?)handedly may be keeping the post office in business with our purchase of these stamps by the boatload.

The best part of these stamps, other than how colorful and adorable they are, is that since they are “Forever” stamps, they will never depreciate in value, regardless of the change in stamp prices from now and until I actually send invites. Hooray!

Also, can I tell you how much I love the Internet? Seriously, thank you Internet, for providing me with access to so many wonderful resources from talented graphic designers who willingly share their fabulous work free of charge! Check out these two sets of GORGEOUS wraparound labels I found on Pinterest:

Not only are the labels really pretty, both designers feature oodles of other free printables for your enjoyment. (Please click images for sources)

Not to hoot my own horn (okay, maybe a little) but I think I’m going to have the best dressed envelopes in town! (Steph and I live in different cities so it’s okay if I say that 😉)

How anyone planned their weddings the old fashioned way is beyond me! (Okay, maybe it’s not beyond me but it sounds way more boring)