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Wedding Recap: Morning Of

I woke up on Saturday bright and early to get the party started!

Us girls got ready in the bridal suite. We packed snacks like hummus, veggies, fruit, and nuts, so of course the guys dropped in. Wait, isn’t that not allowed?

Don’t worry, they left WAY before I got ready 😉

After my sister, two bffs, and mom got prettified, it was finally my turn to get gorgeous and bridal-like!

My something old and something new: my late grandma’s pearl necklace and Kate Spade turtle earrings

My best $10 Ebay purchase to date: a great hair accessory

My something borrowed: my moh’s mother’s amethyst ring. Apparently your something borrowed should be from a married person. I did not know that! Did you?

My something blue: 4″  BCBG navy blue peep toe heels:

My modified sweetheart neckline dress:

Classic hairdo: french twist

And then before I knew it, I was in the world’s most comfortable wedding dress that I did not tug or pull at ALL DAY, and boom! I was a bride!

Afterwards, it was time for bridal party portraits which was pretty much my favorite part of the day. I’ll be sharing those fun pics next time!

Hope you are liking the recaps so far!

*All the beautiful images by Natalie Franke Photography*


Wedding Day Beauty Tips

Martha Stewart Weddings tweeted today about something OTHER than Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and I’d share with you (sorry if you’ve already seen this)

These are tips provided by Liz Banfield, an MS Wedding photographer. Here, her do’s and don’ts for looking picture-perfect on your big day:

  • Get your hair and makeup professionally done. Be sure to do a test run and take photos!
  • If you don’t normally wear makeup, get it done professionally. It’s much harder to create a nature, subtle look.
  • Avoid mineral makeup. It can be too reflective in flash photography.
  • Dark lipstick shades can look black in sepia and black & white photos.
  • My favorite classic red lip color: MAC Pro Longwear in Lasting Lust.
  • False eyelashes are fraught with problems—particularly full strips, which can pull away from all the crying and hugging. Stick to individual lashes if you’re set on wearing them.
  • I hate, hate, hate, fake tans.
  • Wearing hair down is so cool, but it’s a risk. Up do’s are more practical.
  • Don’t fight your natural hair texture. If have straight hair, curls are going to fall. Whatever style you choose has to last all night.
  • Get your roots done the day before the wedding. You don’t want them showing in photos!
  • Groom essentials: Teeth whitening, caution when wearing facial hair, and blotting papers for keeping shine at bay. The Body Shop’s are guy-friendly because they don’t contain powder.
  • Get a good night’s rest before the wedding. Meditate before bed, or take an Ambien if you think you’ll have trouble falling asleep.
  • If you’re prone to cold sores, ask your doctor to prescribe Valtrex as a precaution.
  • Avoid salt and alcohol the night before, which can make people look puffy. Drink a ton of water instead!

Here’s the link to the original article.

I thought the tip about taking preventative measures against cold sores was genius! FI suffers from cold sores from time to time so maybe he should be getting some Valtrex prior to our big day.

Speaking of preventative measures, this week we attended our first of four “Making Marriage Work” workshops.  We took little surveys, weighing our values and expectations of relationships as well as measuring our personalities versus the other person.  Surprisingly enough, it was fun! We were laughing and giggling and one of the marriage counselors noted that and told us, “Well I’m glad you can laugh about this kind of stuff, it’s a good sign.” 🙂

We have “homework” to do before next Tuesday which I’m sure we’ll tackle this weekend. But more about that at a later time.