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I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with the concepts of favors. While I totally admire/respect the idea of donating to a charity in lieu of a favor, I am stuck on the idea of giving away a little trinket and/or treat. Awhile back, I may have said that  if there’s anything I know for certain about my wedding, is that I want to bake cookies for a dessert buffet! No doubt about it!

However, I’m not getting married for many, MANY moons (we’re looking at May 2012) so naturally, I change my mind every other day.  This week, I have a new love for these ideas:

One from Brides Magazine:

Corkscrews! If I had a wedding at a vineyard, I'd be all over this!

And two from Crate and Barrel:

What if you were a Weddingbee blogger?! Wouldn't the bee be so adorable? Or what if you love Winnie the Pooh? The honey pot would be great! On sale for $.95!

But my personal favorite that if I was getting married next May, I’d run across the street (I work across from a C&B) and snatch up with a quickness:

Cute Tea Tins! On sale for $3

As far as the tea tins, they were originally $5 but are currently on sale for $3 a pop. But better yet, I’d get them at a deeper discount!

In my former life, I use to work at a Crate and Barrel during undergrad so I know plenty of people who work at different locations that could get me some with their great discount! I would either place a tin at every place setting or better yet, find a way to  attach escort cards to them.  Don’t you love it? Even if people don’t like tea, they know someone who does, or could find some use for the tin. I like to use the teeny, tiny altoid tins to store my earrings or vitamins when I travel.

Oh and if you guys have any questions about Crate and Barrel registries, like when’s the best time to register (important to keep in mind because of the change in seasonal merchandise), I’d be more than happy to answer because it literally was MY JOB to know that kind of stuff.

Yep, I use to work those little wedding registry events you may have gone to where you get the heart champagne flutes or little heart dish.  You would have found me at the knife station, showing off my mad Wustof (pronounced Vustof) and Shun skills, choppin’ away like a pro.

Even with all these cool ideas grabbing my attention… leave it to StyleMePretty to showcase a wedding featuring a fabulously enticing cookie jar:

How can you say no to that?! Mmmmm, yummy!

What kinds of favors are you gals thinking of having, if any?  Or are you hung up on some other seemingly trivial detail?

Good ol’ clean fun!

So….reading wedding blogs and junk…like I do, I somehow stumbled onto these and thought they’d make an AWESOME favor:

They’re soapsicles! And they smell like yummy things like coconut and chocolate and watermelon and such! ‘Course these are $8 a pop (haha, I made a terrible funny) so that’s way too pricey but I am tempted to calculate the cost of DIYing these so we’ll see.

And after last weekend’s wedding where I wore my mega hawt black velvet BCBG peep toe shoes of  for an extended period of time (resulting in waking up the next day with the balls of my feet swollen and sore), I’ve gained a greater appreciation for Ms.Sunshine’s (weddingbee blogger) flipflop basket, as seen below:

...I got my swim trunks and my flippy-floppies...

Such baskets allow dancing divas like myself the luxury to take off their uber cute heels of PAIN, haha, and not run around all barefoot-like. So yeah, I’m pretty sure I will require this basket make an appearance at my soiree. The best part is you can score $1 flipflops at places like Old Navy (cha-ching).

And here’s another soapsicle shot, because I cannot get over how cute these things are! They look like they’d smell AMAZING!