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Declawed Kitty

So remember those magical, amazing vitamins I told you about awhile back? Yeah well, like I said, they’re UH-MAZING, and I tell everyone about them because after I started taking them, my nails grew in beautifully! They were long and strong…and trying to get the friction on? Sorry, no, I digress.

Right, so my nails WERE long and the other day at a party, I fell asleep on the couch towards the end of the night and I woke up with my right index finger nail BROKEN! Like, CLEAN OFF. I must have clenched my fist in my sleep like mega hard and it just broke, so now I have to cut down my claws (sad face).

Anywho, wedding planning? Here’s my new fascination: Giant wine/champagne bottles! I first saw them on an episode of Martha (of course) and then when we went to Mon Ami Gabi (a french bistro in Bethesda, MD), they had one on display and it solidified my belief that I need one on display at my wedding. But better yet! Now it can have a purpose! Being bombarded (okay fine, I 
enjoy every minute of it) with wedding images from the tons of blogs flooding my Google Reader, StyleMePretty displayed this gorgeous wedding with…yep! you guessed it! GIANT BOTTLES! More importantly, the bottles served as a guestbook! People can take those cool silvery pens you wrote all over your notebooks on in middle school to write you well wishes or simply drop their signature! When I googled the idea some more, I found a cute poem someone wrote for their guest table to explain to the guests what to do:

From StyleMePretty

The bride and the groom
Both enjoy a good, fine wine
So they are asking their loved ones
On these bottles to sign

A few words of wisdom
A well wish or two
Would be much appreciated
To the happy couple from you

People displayed a couple of bottles for people to sign and the couple can commemorate different anniversaries by popping the different vintages (Check this site out for more explicit directions how this works) HOW COOL! LOVES IT! ^^