Wedding Planning

Picture Courtesy of Natalie Franke Photography

So I am finally in the upswing of wedding planning (it’s been through its ups and downs) but I figured if anyone wanted to track my progress, here’s the one stop shop just for that:

Every wedding starts with a proposal: Part 1 & Part 2

I’ve collected some ideas for unusual centerpieces 1, 2, 3, 4

I’ve looked at a couple of venues in the DC area: 1,2,3, 4

I’ve gone through a couple of palette ideas: Purple & Green, Green & Khaki, Final Pick

Ideas for wedding favors: Cookies, Corkscrews & Teatime , Soapsicles, Wine glasses

Summer Cocktail Ideas: 1, 2, 3

Easy engagement/shower gift recommendation: Wine pump, Cookbook stand

Helpful links:

Lessons from a LiT (Librarian in Training):

Finding my wedding photographer, the super talented Miss Natalie Franke

Engagement pictures with Natalie in downtown Annapolis & my own personal tips for taking engagement pictures as well a feature in a DC Wedding Blog

Pretty stationary finds Part 1 (think stamps & wraparound labels), Save the Dates

Dressing the part: Bride, Groom, Groomsmen

Our wedding bling bling

Hope you can find some inspiration or at least have a giggle at my foolish ideas while  I attempt to plan what may be the most expensive party of my life!

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