Post-pregnancy Running

So I’ve been at this game of getting fit after baby for about 5 weeks now. I got my a-okay from the doctor around mid June and I literally hit the ground running two days after my appointment for my first run sans belly. Oh man did my feet ache! I thought I was going to have to buy new sneakers which sucked because my current ones weren’t that old. Turns out my body was still not caught up to the fact I was no longer carrying around 30lbs. Apparently our feet change during pregnancy to accommodate the extra weight so they strike the floor at different pressure points.. At the end of my pregnancy and after I got home from the hospital, my feet turned out a lot and I walked on the outer edges of my feet. The more you know :P

On my first run, I clocked in an average of 13 minute miles (that’s a combination of running and walking which I still do). While it’s about 2.5minutes slower than my usual pace, I was elated! It felt amazing to get back out there! Sure my feet hurt and my body felt lumpy and bumpy in my pre-preggo workout gear, but it was worth it! I had such a strong runner’s high that I signed up for a 5k that night with a race date only a month away!

From Howard County Striders

I signed up for my local edition of the Women’s Distance Festival 5k. Apparently there are a few versions of the race around the state. The 5k is women only and my good pal Lucy will be tackling it with me. The race encourages mother-daughter sign up and I am not going to lie, I would be so tickled pink if my little miss decided to join me one day :)

While I am thirteen pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight (down 17 from my final pregnancy weight), I have seen some results from my return to the pavement. Just the other day, I tried on my usual summer shorts and I can now pull them on and button them! That’s not to say I’m ready to be seen in them yet but it’s a victory nonetheless. I had to buy a couple of workout shorts and non-workout shorts to get me through the summer. Shopping for your shape clearly does not end at delivery. Lesson learned! Luckily my usual workout gear is more forgiving than my regular summer wear and I can now fit into those. But hopefully with my current workout routine which I’ll discuss in another post, I may fit into my favorite chino shorts before the summer is through! Summer doesn’t end till Labor Day, right?

Summer Vacation

As of Monday, I’ve been at home for two months. And guess what? It’s been awesome! As soon as I came home from the hospital, I’ve felt energized and have been cooking and baking up a storm! I’m sure my husband has appreciated my return to the kitchen as the last 4 months (or more) of pregnancy meant sad meals and lots of take out/frozen dinners.

I’ve managed to make blackberry, cherry, peach, lemon meringue, chocolate, strawberry, rhubarb, all while wearing a certain little someone. We’re certainly a fan of baby wearing around these parts. I registered and received the boba wrap which is one of those giant pieces of cloth that you wrap around you and slip the baby in. It’s like the moby wrap but the fabric has spandex in it which makes it pretty foolproof.

pie making

I’ve also made lots of cookies, my favorite being chocolate chip pretzel (so good). Hmmm, should I be attributing my stall in weight loss to my baking? Nah…that couldn’t be it :P

Some of the new recipes we’ve had for dinner include: fajita enchiladas, herb smothered salmon, stuffed french toast, and lemony mushroom chicken.

As you can see, I’ve definitely been having fun getting acquainted with my kitchen again! I missed being up to my elbows in flour and sugar!

What new recipes have you tried this summer?

The Nursery

Hi folks. If you didn’t know by now, I’ve had a beautiful baby girl named Alissa! I just love her to the moon and back! I feel so blessed to have her in my life and be her mom. She came a little early and celebrated Mother’s Day with me in my arms instead of my belly. How considerate right? And although the first couple of nights were a little hard (feedings every 2hrs=the worst), caring for this tiny person has been the best job ever! Now I’m not going to promise a post about her birth story because clearly I am not consistent with this blogging business but I am here to finally share her nursery!

While she currently sleeps at night in her pack-n-play in my bedroom, she and I actually spend a fair amount of time in the nursery which is my most favorite room ever! Ale and I started working on the room when I was 25 weeks pregnant (hello nesting!) and finished around 35 weeks. I had so much fun putting it together. And without further ado, here are some pics!

DSC_0647When decorating, I didn’t want anything “matchy-matchy” as it’s not my style. I like things to “go” but not match up perfectly. I knew from the get-go, I did NOT want pink walls so I chose Behr’s Adriatic Mist instead. It’s a kinda an aqua blue and the picture below shows it more true to life. It looks so pretty in person. Almost like an oceany tiffany blue.

And obviously, we went with white furniture. Ale picked out a crib from walmart while I found an Ikea Hemnes dresser on Craigslist that I updated with teal knobs from Hobby Lobby. The little name stool by the window was a sweet gift from our neighbors.

DSC_0648The rocker is another CL score. It was only $30! The seller told me his wife rocked their two babies in it and I said I intended to do the same :) The purple knitted pouf is from Tillys and Maria actually found that one for me one afternoon when I was whining to her on gchat that I couldn’t find a reasonably priced ottoman for the nursery. She scoured the internet for me and voila, we got ourselves a pouf!

The wall art above the crib and the two white framed hearts by the closet were diys made by me. The posters in the green frames behind the rocker are from the ChildrenInspire shop on Etsy. The alphabet one is in Spanish and the numbers one is in Italian. They may have been the first thing I ever purchased for Alissa. I’m hoping to display them in her room as she grows up as they aren’t too babyish. And really, come to think of it, most things in her nursery aren’t babyish and can be reused in a “big girl” room.


You can thank a trip to Homegoods for the round mirror. The bookshelf was gifted and painted by one of my baby shower hostesses. The dresses above the bookshelf are some of the Lilly Pulitzer dresses Alissa was also gifted by my baby shower hostesses. The shower theme was Lilly and the girls hung the dresses on a clothesline as party decorations which gave me the idea to hang them up in the nursery! They’re too pretty to be tucked away in a closet!

And that’s it! I hope you like the room as much as I do. I absolutely love to sit in it while nursing. Everything about it makes me smile! That, and the cute baby in my arms :)

Happy weekend!